Cassandra Cacheiro

Cassandra Cacheiro (She/Her/Elle)


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Cassandra has been a film photographer for 8 years now. Soft and authentic, she strives to immortalize bodies, their curves, their strength and their simplicity. The Montreal artist thinks it’s important to see and be moved by naked skin that resembles reality, far from the unhealthy beauty standards and corrupt images we are too often confronted within the media.

She loves getting the chance to photograph people through the changes in their lives, building relationships through her practice and putting vulnerability at the front of every experience. There’s nothing she likes more than getting to exchange and share with her subjects. Building these connections are as important to her as the actual photoshoot.

She was the co-founder and photographer of The Womanhood Project, which has won multiple prizes and was renowned in international media. Right before deciding to close that chapter, the project was part of Opening A Dialogue About Body Liberation, an exhibition at the Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec.